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I warmly congratulate the company moved to the new building

    May 2014, spring day, our office staff are all overjoyed moved from old to a new office building.
The new building, bright and spacious. Office of the clear division of labor, on the General Manager's Office, down to the sample chamber, and both clear and precise. The relocation of the company's employees as we are, except for the company's move to rejoice, but also need to do? I think one is to consciously maintain the company's image, and the other is in good company in this growing platform, more effective work and achieve common development of individuals and companies. Because when we joined the company since the day of our career development and harvesting and the company has been closely linked to the development of the company's good, we naturally have more opportunity to grow and harvest, and we do good, also better able to promote and ensure the company's steady stride forward.
      Professionalism, collaboration, innovation is our company's culture, the company has been implanted in organizational behavior and work of the staff of the. Dedication is the foundation reflects the company treats people and the daily work of a professional attitude; collaborative working methods, it is working to achieve and exceed targets to ensure that, you know, we are not a person, but a team at work, each I desperately at the front, rear must have the company with the support of colleagues; and innovation, not only is the company in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, can keep growing, international, and professional goals of security, but also employees personal capabilities continue to improve, protect the evolving career.
The return to the housewarming, where heartfelt thanks to the company to provide a better working environment, thanks to the company leadership, hard work colleagues, thanks to actively cooperate with all colleagues, let us move to the successful completion of the work. Pointed out a little unsatisfactory, I believe will be able to improve, to achieve satisfactory.
      Last night, fighting back north, from east-year-old now, let's move to this as an opportunity to progress hand in hand, create brilliant.
 ---- Ministry of Foreign Trade HE


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